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You take pains and go to great lengths to ensure you child is physically fit. You make sure your growing child eats good food and even enroll them for physical and sporting activities like swimming, badminton to keep fit. But what about their inner strength? Building inner strength is necessary not only to help your kids deal with stress but also to keep them going through turbulent times in life.
Everybody goes through rough patches in their lives, either dealing with a bad relationship, a career or financial crisis, terminal illness, an accident or even the death of a dear one. During such times, what is needed is a connect with one’s inner self, to be able to review the situation and one’s feelings and act on a plan to emerge gracefully from this bad phase. Inner strength helps one rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
There is no clear-cut definition for inner strength, as everyone interprets it differently. Inner strength can be summarised as the ability to strengthen one mentally, to keep going on in life despite the obstacles. Inner strength can also be an amalgamation of self-realisation, self-confidence, determination and a source of inner happiness.
Seema Hingorany, clinical psychologist, says, “Inner strength is to delve into your real self — looking at your potentials and abilities. We all possess inner strength. All of us are born with unique capabilities and skills, and the way to build one’s strength is to focus on these specific skills and grow them. Having inner strength is important in order to curb negative energies and thoughts. The strength derived from deep inside prevents you from getting swayed by undesirable circumstances in life.”
According to Dr Yatri Thacker, stress counsellor, “One can connect with themselves and seek inner strength through techniques like prayer, positive thinking, meditation, yoga or whatever suits them. These techniques have the ability to change negative thoughts to positive ones and convert those thoughts into actions. One must possess the will power to take charge of themselves in whatever situation they are in to successfully cope with it.” Inner strength can be sought through various techniques…

Inculcate in your child the habit of prayer

Praying to God is considered as a great way to seek inner strength. Therefore, it’s no surprise that some people turn to God for divine intervention during times of trouble! Believers say that sincerely and regularly praying to God has been a source of strength in their lives. “Gaining inner strength through prayers is something people from many cultures do. Some believe it doesn’t matter who you pray to. They believe the mere fact you’re reaching out to the universe is enough to gain the inner strength they need.” says Hingorany.

Train them to think positive

Our thoughts tend to steer and control actions in our lives. Thinking positive not only helps get rid of negativity and hopelessness but also can help to come with creative solutions to deal with daily problems. “Inner strength is about getting in touch and being connected with yourself. It’s about accepting yourself. When you are in touch with yourself regularly, you can generate positive energy within yourself. This positive energy can change your world and the world around you. Hence, positive thinking leads to building inner strength,” says Dr Harish Shetty, social psychiatrist.

Introduce your kids to the benefits of meditation


We all are familiar with the fact that meditation or doing yoga is a great way to de-stress, and relax the mind and the body. Yoga helps unite the body and mind together, and helps stop generation of negative thoughts. A clear and relaxed mind can help us think and act clearly. This, however, not only help derive and build inner strength, but also build concentration in your kids.

Quick tips

Do these simple exercises with your kids to develop their inner strength
– Once a month, every night, before the children go to bed, sit with them and help them perform a self-evaluation of their strengths and weakness. Then talk to them about accepting your shortcomings, and focusing on their strengths and take advantage of them.
– Nobody is perfect, and the children need to know that they should not stop loving themselves even if they fail at something. Like if they lose something precious, once you make them realize that they need to be more careful, don’t keep bringing it up again. Let your child know that if something happens that can’t be reversed, there’s no point of being too hard with one’s self. It’s best to let it go.
– Talk to your child when he or she is having difficulty with a relationship. Tell then to have faith that things will get better, that you will emerge successfully out of whatever sticky mess you’re in.
– Each night, before you put your kids to sleep, make them count their blessings. This will help in reaffirming a chain of positive attitudes constantly.
– Celebrate their achievements and share them with others, as this will boost their self-confidence.

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