Many parents are music lovers and would like to consider a name from some genre of music for their new baby. There are many names to choose from. You might want the name of a singer, composer, band or perhaps a band member. People who are musicians often have unique names that are appealing or write songs for special people which is an attention getter for their music and their listeners. A lot of us perk right up when we hear a song with our name in it. The following selection of names for review comes from the music industry.

Composer and Singer Names:

There are some musicians who have very special sounding names which may also be even referred to as a single name such as Enya, Adele or Elvis. The following selection is of names of well known musicians.

Aaliyah: “Exalted or outstanding” is the meaning of this female Arabic name. It became popular in the 90s because of a rock singer with this name. Most of its use is in the Muslim community. Some spelling variations include Alia, and Aleah.

Alanis: Alanis is a Greek female name or not. Alanis Morisette is a well known singer whose father was named Alan and the story is that he saw the name in a Greek paper and gave it to her because of the similarity to his name. Basically, it is unclear exactly where the name originated.

Annie: This female English name derives from Anne. There is a singer called Annie Lennox. In terms of well known women with the name, also consider Annie Oakley and Annie Sullivan who was teacher to Helen Keller. The name is occasionally used today.

Arlo: This is a male name of essentially unknown origin although there are a few theories. Use declined in the early part of the 20th century but revived a bit in the 70s with Arlo Guthrie’s song Alice’s Restaurant.

Beyonce: It appears that this could be a girl’s name of French origin. We all known about the famous singer Beyonce. It is used at times today.

Bryn: “A hill” is the meaning of this Welsh name for both genders. Bryn Terfel is an opera singer who also did some pop music. It is not used very much, but there is a famous women’s college called Bryn Mawr.

Carol, Carly: This English name is the female derivative of the male name Charles. Carole King is a famous singer and composer as is Carly Simon. Currently, there is a television show called ICarly which is popular with tweens and teens.

Chuck: It is apparent that this English male name is derived from Charles. It started to be a stand alone name in the middle of the last century with the popularity of the rock and roll singer Chuck Berry.

Dean: The English meaning of this male name is “a valley.” The famous singer, Dean Martin used the name as the English version of the Italian name Dino. It may occasionally be used today. One might also find it as a last name.

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Dolly: This English female name is derived from the name Dorothy. Doll, the toy name, was taken from the girl’s name Dolly. We know about famous singer, Dolly Parton and the famous musical Hello, Dolly. It is a very old name, but is not used much today.

Donovan: “Dark brown” is the meaning of this Gaelic male name. There is famous singer with this name from the 60s and the name may even be used today.

Dusty: This is an English name for both genders. With males, when we hear the name, we might think of a cowboy type person. The female use of the name originates with Dusty Springfield, singer from Brittan.

Ella: This is a Latin female name derived from several names that end with the letters ella such as Isabella or Gabriella. At this time, we would probably think of the famous singer Ella Fitzgerald. It declined in popular use in the early part of the 20th century, but has more recently seen some use again.

Elvis: This is an English male name. It has been in use since the late in the 19th century, but the fame of Elvis Presley really did not increase the use of the name. However, there is another rock singer named Elvis Costello.

Etta: This female English name is derived from female names ending with the letters etta such as Coretta, or Henrietta. It had most popularity in the early part of the 20th century but is not used much today. Recently deceased blues singer Etta James is a very well known woman with this name.

Gloria: “Glory” is the meaning of this Latin female name. During the 19th century, there was a character named Gloria in a GB Shaw play called You Never Can Tell. Since then, there is the famous singer Gloria Estefan, singer Gloria Gaynor and the song Gloria by Van Morison.

Janis, Janice: This English female name is derived from the name Janet. It was first heard in the later 19th century. It was very popular through the middle of the 20th century when singer composers Janis Joplin and Janis Ian were most popular.

Kylie: This female name could be derived from an Australian word meaning boomerang, the name Kelly or the name Kaylee. There is a popular Australian singer named Kylie Minogue.

Lena: This name for a girl may be derived from the name Magdalena or Helena. The most famous Lena may be singer Lena Horn. The name is still used occasionally today.

Lucian: “Light” is the meaning of this Latin male name. Although the name declined in use in the early part of the 20th century, opera singer Luciano Pavarotti could be the reason for a revival of the use of the name.

Mariah: The name Mariah is a Latin female name derived from Maria. Singer Mariah Carey has made this a famous name. Also, there is a song from a musical named Paint Your Wagon which is called They call the wind Mariah. Popular use increased in the 90s with Mariah Carey’s fame.

Miles: This is a male name that might be derived from Michael or Milo. Miles Davis is a famous jazz musical artist. It may also be seen as Mylo or Milo. The name is used occasionally.

Nora: This female name might be a derivative of Eleanora or Honora. Norah is also a derivative of the name. Norah Jones is a jazz and blues musician. The name has dropped in popular use during the last century.

Otis: “Riches” is the meaning of this English male name. Soul singer Otis Reddy is well known for the song Dock of The Bay. The name has decreased in use during the last decades.

Patsy: This is an English name for both genders and is derived from Patrick or Patricia. Patsy Cline was called “The Queen of Country.

Ray: This male name is derived from the name Raymond. All of us know the name of famous singer Ray Charles. His song Georgia On My Mind was adopted as the state song for the state of Georgia.

Selina, Selena: “Moon or goddess of the moon” is the meaning of this Greek female name. There was a now deceased singer named Selena and there is a current star with the name Selena Gomez.

Tammy: This female name is derived from the name Tamara. There is the country music star named Tammy Wynette and a song called Tammy that was originally sung by Debbie Reynolds for the movie Tammy And The Bachelor. One might know people today with this name because it was used in the mid 20th century. It may have several spellings such as Tami or Tammie.

Tori, Tory: Tori can be short for Victoria as a female derivative while the male name Tory is from an old last name. There is a singer/composer named Tori Amos and an actress named Tori Spelling.

Waylan: This is a male name which is most well known because of country singer Waylan Jennings who was most popular in the 60s and 70s.

Musical Sounding Names20

There are some names which have a musical sound when they are pronounced. New parents, especially if having a girl, might like the following sample of these types of names.

Aida: This female name was used in Verdi’s opera of the name in which Aida was an Ethiopian princess. This name was actually most popular during the 30s.

p_101483207Aria: This female name is the Italian word for a solo in an opera. It has had some increased use in the last few decades.

Brandy: Brandy is an English female name which is also the name of a liquor. During the 70s, there was a band called Looking Glass that released a song called Brandy. After that, the name became more frequently used. Currently, there is a singer who is called Brandy. This name may have several spellings including Brandi and Brandie

Caroline: The Italian female name is a derivative of Charles. The song Sweet Caroline was made famous by singer Neil Diamond which helped to make the name popular. For years, there was a lot of speculation about who the Caroline in the song was. It is only in recent years that it became known that it was actually Caroline Kennedy.

Chelsea:”A landing place for chalk or limestone: is the meaning of this English female name. Joni Mitchell released a song called Chelsea Morning for which Bill and Hilary Clinton’s daughter was named. The name has been used since that time. Currently we will recognize the name of Chelsea Handler.

Irene: “Peace” is the meaning of this Greek female name. It was a classical name, but became more popular in the middle of the 19th century. Goodnight Irene is a well known song by a group called The Weavers.

Lala: “Night” is the meaning of this Arabic female name. It was first used by Lord Byron in one of his poems. Use of the name declined in the early 20th century, but has returned to some use which might or might not have something to do with Layla Ali who was a contestant on the show called Dancing With The Stars.

Maggie: This name is a female name derived from the name Margaret. There are some associations for the name including Rod Stewart’s Maggie May and the character Maggie in the play Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Maggie Smith is a well known actress.

Mandy: This name is a derivative of Amanda. It is usually used for girls, but there is an occasional guy with the name as with actor Mandy Patinkin. There was a Mandy song in the Ziegfield Follies, but most well known is probably the song Mandy sung by Barry Manilow.

Michelle: This name is French n origin and is derived from the male name Michael. The name became popular with the famous Beatles song called Michelle. The name has been used since that time. There is Sarah Michelle Geller, Michelle Pfeiffer and, of course, Michelle Obama.

Norma: This female Italian name may come from the Latin word ‘norma’ which means “a rule or a precept.’ There was Bellini opera with this name. The name wasn’t used much in the second part of the 20th century. However, there was a well known movie called Norma Rae and Norma Jean Baker was Marilyn Monroe’s real name.

Rhonda: “Noisy, or babbling” is the meaning of this Welsh female name. The Beach Boys had a famous song called Help Me Rhonda and there was a famous actress named Rhonda Fleming. One probably does not hear the name used much today if at all.

Susannah, Susan, Susie: “Lily” is the meaning of this Hebrew female name. The name was used during the Reformation, declined, then revived in the mid 20th century. Regarding songs, there is Stephen Foster’s O Susanna, Wake Up Little Susie by the Everly Brothers. There are a lot of spelling variations of the name.

The previous article has focused on names that parents interested in music might be interested in considering for the new baby. Although parents may have some names in mind, reviewing the selection of names here may also provide some new ideas.

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