Have a Children’s Book Baby Shower


I was having a conversation the other day with a second-time mom about her baby shower. She is having a child of a different gender the second time around, and her friends want to give her a baby shower. She was confiding, however, that what she really dreaded was the games. She didn’t like the baby shower games from her first baby shower; they made her feel silly and weren’t much fun. She had decided to ask that instead of games, everyone bring their favorite childrens book to share.

I thought this was a great idea, but wondered how exciting it would be to really sit and listen to a bunch of stories. A childrens book baby shower sounds quite wonderful in theory, but how would it be in practice?

lowder1She said the key was to make it a game of bingo. Each person has a card with different words or pictures on it that would probably appear in a children’s book. Everytime someone reads a story, if the word is read, they get to put a marker on their card. It’s a neat twist on bingo, and a nice way to get everyone together for one game. She also said that when she saw it done, the real challenge was to pay attention to the words and not get lost in the good stories. Also, a lot of people simply made the book their gift, which (rather stealthily) served the purpose of getting a useful item like a good book instead of more bibs and swaddling blankets that are not so needed.

All in all, I thought this was a fabulous idea and one definitely worth sharing. If you are especially particular about your baby gear and/or don’t need any help financially getting your nursery ready for your first-born child, you might also consider this as an alternative to the traditional baby shower. What a great way to benefit from the wisdom and experience of moms who have read a lot of stories over the years, make sure that no one’s money is wasted, and show everyone a great time at the shower.

P.s. The only caveat to this children’s book baby shower idea is that it probably doesn’t work for a group of more than 20. Have a Childrens Book Baby Shower supplies at the link.

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